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Poster Food Mission: Conquer the Galaxy of the 5 Senses
The poster and activity leaflet are only available to early childhood education services: 3 sets will be sent per early childcare centre and private daycare, 1 per coordinating office and 1 per home childcare service. New this year—the poster doubles as a board game for children aged 4 and 5! What’s more, pictures of foods and where they come from are available on our website. They can be downloaded and printed to do even more activities. Plus, more pictures of foods will be coming this spring!
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A Practical and User-Friendly Guide / Breakfasts + Snacks + Lunches
Information, advice and recipes to help you prepare healthy breakfasts, snacks and lunch boxes.
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A Recipe for Successful Cooking Workshops
A practical guide for organizing and facilitating elementary school cooking workshops. The guide covers all the necessary steps, from annual planning and facilitating to assessment. It also contains practical interactive tools and fact sheets. Available exclusively in Quebec. Only one copy per school location.
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Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5
This resource offers a wealth of information designed to help develop healthy eating habits in children ages one to five years old.
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French book of educational cooking activities : Le Grand Livre des Petits Chefs
Recueil d'ateliers culinaires conçu pour aider les services éducatifs à la petite enfance à organiser des ateliers avec les enfants d’âge préscolaire. Seulement 1 exemplaire peut être commandé par milieu familial ou par installation (CPE ou garderie privée).
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