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5 Steps to a Smarter Smoothie
This infographic provides a basic formula for making delicious smoothies, plus some creative ideas for boosters. Three recipes are also included: Mango Colada, Beat the Blues and Peanut Butter Bananza.
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A Practical User's Guide to Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
Do you need some new ideas for planning breakfast, lunch and snacks for your children? Look no further. Here are some practical tips and tricks inspired by everyday life that will give you the help you are looking for.
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Brochure - Meals in a jar - Breakfast Parfaits
"Breakfast Parfaits” is a brochure from the Meals in a jar series that contains 6 nutritious breakfast parfaits recipes.
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Brochure - Meals in a jar - Overnight Oats
“Overnight Oats” is a brochure from the Meals in a jar series that contains 6 nutritious overnight oats recipes.
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Brochure - Meals in a jar - Salads on the go
“Salads on the Go” is a brochure from the Meals in a jar series that contains 6 nutritious salad recipes.
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Calcium Calculator
Tool designed to help individuals assess their calcium intake and plan changes.
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Check on Balance
Check on Balance helps individuals assess their food intake and compare it to Canada's Food Guide recommendations. Goal setting and implementing dietary changes are also covered.
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Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5
Offers current information on feeding young children and practical tips to help them adopt healthy eating habits
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Food pictures cards
This set of 103 food picture cards features photographs of real foods on a black background. Cards are 5x7" (13x18 cm) with the name of the food on the back, along with the food group icon(s). The set includes standard foods plus new and cultural foods. Comes with activity ideas for Kindergarten to Grade 6. Bilingual.
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Milk: A Powerhouse of Nutrients (Elementary) Poster
Appealing to elementary school aged children, this poster highlights key nutrients in milk and their benefits. Comes with a set of 30 activity booklets.
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Milk: A Powerhouse of Nutrients (Junior High) Poster
For junior high school aged youth, this poster highlights key nutrients in milk and their benefits. Comes with a set of 30 activity booklets.
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Pad of 50 - An Origami folding paper game based on the four food groups from Canada's Food Guide. 
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Power up! Cooking with Milk Products & Eggs - Student Workbook
The Power Up! Cooking with Milk Products & Eggs Student Learning Resource is an interactive workbook that supports CTS FOD2060 and complements the Power Up! Teacher Guide.
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Smoothies 2
Smoothies 2 contains seven brand new quick, easy, tasty smoothie recipes. These recipes emphasize whole foods: milk, yogurt and fruit with limited amounts of added sugar. We are sure they will be loved by all ages!
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Snacks for a Healthy Smile and Child
Provides information about the importance of snacks for children and their relationship to dental health.
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Sport Nutrition In Action
Tired or Hungry before you start your workout? Find out if you are eating for peak performance.
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The Balanced Plate
Pad of 50 tear sheets - Shows what a balanced plate looks like and how to modify food choices to balance any meal.
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Where Do Foods Come From?
Where do the foods I eat come from?
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